Create a slider in CMS

Hi there

I need help to create a 5 Image slider on CMS.
I cant see a option for it and i am sure webflow does have a option for it right?..Right?
If not can i have help on how to create a 5 image slider.

Many Thanks

Slider/lightbox component is not compatible with the CMS yet. You’ll have to use one of the workarounds discussed on this forum (use the search button).

Sure, so is there anything you can actually do in CMS apart from have text? Seems very restrictive to me. If only you wasn’t the only company to limit customers with the amount of normal pages, maybe then you can justify your pricing.

We have been asking for this feature since CMS came out!


Hello @Grant1

I hope this previous post of mine helps :slight_smile:

CMS and Sliders

This should clearly explain how to create a 5 page slider and use dynamic lists to make each slide in your slider fill with dynamic content.

Essentially you drop a dynamic list in each slide, then order the list using filters. This simple work around should work for your specific requirements given your description. Let me know how it goes and feel free to PM me if you get stuck!

Happy Designing! :sunglasses:

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Like most features that still are not available then.

Thanks Scott.

So there is some work arounds for the lack of functions CMS.
Any idea how to embed a link on CMS pages but have them different on each CMS page.

Im sure like most features Webflow have not made this an option yet, but promise it coming in the future.

I cant exceed 100 pages as webflows systems cant handle it, But its good to see they managed to make space for the Ecommerce store now, so they can ask for more money and charge for extra plans.

There is a list here if you need a reference: Feature Availability & Limits

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This should help :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,
thanks for the video tutorial. I watched it carefully but I got stuck after minute 3:20 when you start to assign the different classes to the CMS slide. Could you pls explain what parameters you set to get the background image?
Thanks in advance!

How much time it takes to create a Slider in a CMS like WordPress?

Here’s a solution that might be helpful.