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Create a Development Site

I have a website that has been live of a year and now need to redesign certain aspects of it. Is there a way of creating a development site to work on so as not to create any disruption with my live site?

Thankful of any advice

You can duplicate your actual site and start to ork on the duplicate. or start fresh with a completely new site.

if you want to work on the same exact site, you have to be careful with re-using the same classes, which will impact your actual site.

Is that helpful? I am not sure I have understood your question completely.

Is it hosted on Webflow with custom domain? If so you can just uncheck the the custom domain when you hit publish and the changes will not be live on you domain. Pretty handy if you ask me =)

Thanks for your reply Vincent. It could be done as Jorn suggested below, but your advice about re-using classes is really helpful.

Thank you

Thank you Jorn, Why didn’t I think of that :smiley:

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