How to develop a site

What is the best way to develop a site in WF?

I have a productive Site (with CMS-Hosting) live, on which now and then some minor bugfixes are made and published. What is the best practice to develop a bigger feature for that site? Duplicate the site and developing was my first idea - but: how to re-integrate the new features into the original site? Developing on the live-site is pretty unsafe: what, if I have to made some urgent bugfixes amid the dev process?


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Publish to subdomain only when testing new stuff. If things go wrong, revert.

If its just a small change, you do all at once, this works great. But what, if the changes are bigger, the dev lasts for weeks and in de the middle of the provess I have to publish the site live with new content?

Then seems like you have to plan the development during the period of least disruption.

You can also duplicate the page, then work on the duplicate, and then replace the old page when you are ready.

That’s what I’m looking for :slight_smile: But this means, that all changes made on the “live”-page would be lost by replacing with the “dev”-page? BTW: How do I replace the old page with the new one? Delete the old one and set the correct publish URL to the new one?

You don’t have to delete the old page. Just rename new page slug (url) to the old slug, and the old slug to something else.

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