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Creating a test site

Hi, our website is built in webflow and draws some CMS from Salesforce. We want to test design components on a non live site. My questions are:

  1. Would it be best to create a duplicate site and test new functionality on that site first?
  2. If our live website is is the duplicate site a subdomain of that Or a different domain that is not live?
  3. If we want it to integrate with changes from Salesforce, would we add the API from this duplicate site to all code alongside the live site, in salesforce.

Clarification appreciated.

  1. Yes. Before going rouge on the design you can do that.
  2. Your site would be duplicated, but you can choose to unpublish the site on the staging domain, and have the site live on the main domain.
  3. Not sure.

Thanks, that has helped.