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Newbie here. I’m trying to build an online academy for my company. I really like how the courses at Webflow are displayed and I’m trying, but not succeeding to achieve the same result. Can someone help me to understand how I could do this?

Here is their course page:

and each course link to a video of what I guess is a collection list:

Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day

Here is my public share link:

Is someone able to help me with that? I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile: cheers

I think you are going to need custom code for an exact copy. Or you could just style a button/box and then embed the video in it.

Just an idea,

Hi, thanks for your answer, could you elaborate a bit more on the button/box idea please?

Try this,

But there is an embed video widget you can use, so rather than a box you could just embed the video.