Academy in webflow

Hey all. My name is Luis and I work for a company in Mexico.

We want to create an online academy like Webflow University or Memorisely Online Classes directly in Webflow.

How can we achive this? Anyone have any videotutorial or something?

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Webflow University is built on Webflow. However, there are custom things the team had to do to make it work. If you want to build an online academy and a community with one platform, you may want to look into

Thank you Nelson,

The company where I work wants to build the academy completely in Webflow, they put on me all the responsability to build it, so do you know if there is some tutorial or video that I can see to achieve something functional?

Thank you.

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There is no direct step-by-step tutorial on how to build something exactly like the Webflow University site. You’ll just have to rebuild it be having the site up and trying to reverse engineer it.

Another thing you could try to convince your team is to use a Webflow template:

Hope this helps

A learning management system (LMS) can be very complex depending on the features you need. Typically a very simple one, which is feasible to build in Webflow, is a navigable structure of courses and lessons.

I’ve build this in Webflow here, and one of the “courses” contains notes about how it was built.

The above design is good for public LMS content, and for content where you want all-or-nothing gated for approved members. You can use Webflow Memberships for that.

If you need to be able to control the content access differently for different members, I believe Memberstack has a solution and demonstration there that @DuncanHamra shared a few months ago.

Welcome @Luis_Veloz :wave:

The best clone I’ve seen is from Memberstack:

They’ve really nailed it.

You’ll also want to review @PixelGeek’s walk through:

He does a fantastic job of fixing the video playback issue after navigating / scrolling away from a video within the navigation.

All of that’s the UI / UX portion of it.

If you want to bake in the functionality of an LMS (course site) behind it, I’ve got a screencast walking you through how to do just that:

You can take it for a spin on the demo site:

Sign up using a fake email to see how it all works.

Using Webflow + Memberstack, cloning the Memberstack template, using PixelGeek’s tips & tricks, and then adding what’s in my tutorial will give you a fully functional university site with lesson tracking and paid upsells.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you Chris! Just wanted to second this one - We built that Webflow University clone with a whole bunch of cool features so it really does have most of the same functionality as the original!

Of course, there is some custom code and third party applications needed to make it function exactly like that, but it gets the job done :slight_smile: