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Can someone explain how to do this video library?

Hi I’m pretty new to webflow and am trying to figure out how to create a page that would function exactly the same as this one: []

Basically I want to showcase our company video tutorials where there would be a video on the left side and a scroll bar on the right containing the playlist. I assume this is to be done with cms lists, but am curious about how to make the content change/react depending on which video is selected (like it does in the link above when the video changes as well as the transcript below it)

Thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome to webflow.

You can do using CMS, by default CMS create a dynamic page for each entry so it automatically work.
give a try with CMS.

if you stuck somewhere ping me

Hi Mati! Thank you for helping me out but could you please provide me with a bit more details… I created a CMS list that contains the links to the videos on YT. What would be the next steps?