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CoWorking/CoBaby landing page (first webflow professional use)

Hello guys!

My new project and first webflow professional use! ,/

I know, I know… it’s a very simple landing page but I noticed some personal evolutions since my last project:

  • NavMenu Block to Fixed (duplicated menu + scroll interation)
  • Responsive grid (using % insted of px)
  • Mobile versions :heavy_check_mark:
  • 3-4 days of work ( webflow <3 )

Cheers :smile:

Hi @maximus, I was going to check it out and am getting a page not found, so if you want me to remove this post let me know, or you can also make that site public again if that that was your intent? :slight_smile: cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Hello @cyberdave :slight_smile:
Thank you for your advice!

I acidently add a “!” into the url link of the public page, and for some reason, this forum does not accept as part of the url.
To fix it, I’ve tryed to edit the title of the public page, but the link still the same…

The only way to share it here with you, was using a url shortener

Thank you again @cyberdave

@maximus… ahhhh I see… Ok great thanks :slight_smile: those pesky differences between software :wink:

Hi, the site looks nice and clean, good job. One thing, the page weight is 5.92mb and that is quite heave for mobile devices. I would try to compress your images and/or use appropriately sized images for your mobile views, that will do wonders for the performance. Looking at the site images, I think you should be able get this down under 1mb.


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Grande gol @maximus!
Nice site! Did you do the sticky bottom nav with custom code?

Tks @StevenP
No, just a webflow trick :stuck_out_tongue:
Take a look here: How to create a sticky Nav Menu

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Sweet, that’s brilliant stuff @maximus! :smile:

@cyberdave indeed!
Now it looks much better and faster
Thanks again :smile:

@maximus, super difference there…super fast for me now :smile: