Could you code Webflow code to Shopify without the Udesly adapter

Hey there,
I would love to use Udesly but I’m short on money
Would it be possible if you could redo what the Udesly adapter does to Shopify (convert code). Providing I have a limited knowledge on coding, would it be practical for me to manually convert my code from Webflow to Shopify like the Udesly adapter?
If it is practical, does anyone mind going through how to do it or potentially linking to a Youtube video?

Hey @alexanderaccounting, yes you can manually turn Webflow codes to Shopify. These links got me started:

The toughest part for me initially is to understand how Sections, Blocks, Pages, Snippets work. If you can wrap your head around the concept it’ll be easy.

You’ll need HTML, SCSS(Optional, you can just copy the whole Webflow CSS file to Shopify) and Liquid’s variables & function. You can upload webflow.js too.

So technically it should be able to use Interactions.

Thank you so much Denny,
I really appreciate your help!
I’ll take a look at it now.

Have a great day.