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Webflow / Shopify

Hey guys,

I have a client who maybe wants a new webstore building, I am keen to use Webflow but their shop is ran through Shopify with a number of 3rd party plugins being used along side. Is Webflow a good platform to use with Shopify + Plugins generally do you think?

Welcome to the community @ben_ufo!

You can definitely use a tool like Udesly’s Adapter or export the project to manually convert the site to Shopify, however I’ve found that while it’s possible, it’s not really the best option as it requires a fair bit of modification even with the somewhat automated method.

If you’re comfortable with code and up for the challenge you can give it a try (Udesly offers a trial on the Adapter) but I’d probably recommend either going with a flexible Shopify theme and/or using one of their page builder apps.

Hey Mike, thanks so much for your response! I am definitely not an accomplished developer (I wish I was) so with this in mind and having done a little more research I feel another solution might be best. Thanks so much!

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