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Title Tag not showing on Google

Our site has the following meta title and description on Webflow

nonetheless Google seems to add a strange “7.” in front of the title, which makes it look non-genuine:

the domain and sitemap are registered on Google Search Console and have been for more than a year.
Anyone knows why this may be occurring?

Another thread suggested unpublishing and republishing, which unfortunately has not helped.

To add to the mystery, googling “v7labs.” rather than “v7labs” delivers a better structured result

Hi Alberto! welcome back :smiley:

I would check google’s search console settings and your domain providers settings.

Sadly I had no luck on Google Search Console. I had the site recrawled but it still appears incorrectly. Google’s own support claims the issue is on Webflow’s side, but they aren’t trained for this kind of troubleshooting in the first place so I’d take that with a pinch of salt.

hmm… ok, let’s dive deeper…
Help - @Waldo @rileyrichter

Thanks for tagging me, @avivtech!! I’m happy to try and help here! :smile:

I did some checking, but I’m not seeing the same thing on my end when I search. Here’s what I’m seeing:

When you search in Incognito mode, do you see the same results? :webflow_heart:

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for checking Riley, that’s reassuring.

My screenshots were taken on incognito and connecting via another country just in case the proximity to our office affected google’s knowledge graph results.
It seems like the issue got an unidentified fix in the last 48 hours. In case anyone returns to this thread, here’s the action I took:

  • Un-published and re-published the site via Webflow
  • Added an image to the openGraph image settings
  • Re-submitted the sitemap to google search console
  • Had the site re-crawled via google search console

Any of the above may have fixed the issue.