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Copying / stealing code from Webflow staging?

Hi there!

I´m not a coder, so apologies if this is a silly question!

But if I send a website proposal to a potential client built using Webflow, could that client simply copy the code and then go and ´build´ the website themselves?

Or get a developer to copy the code from my Webflow staged website, and just use my design?

Just curious really.

Should I be protecting it somehow? Is it really mine anyway? As I guess it is written by Webflow.

I´m not paranoid about these things! But I´d like to know what other people do.

Many thanks as always!


Any site that is viewable on the internet can technically be copied (we’re talking about frontend design/layout/structure/assets). Any backend logic like CMS, database structure, controllers, etc. cannot be copied, but could be built separately by an experienced web developer.

You can always resort to legal action.

You need to specify all conditions in your contract for the provision of services for site development

Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated.

I guess unless you had a truly unique website, then it would be hard to prove that they had copied it. Especially when thousands of websites share the same fonts, similar structure, text and images.

OK! Like I say, I´m not going to dwell on it it too much, as like you say @samliew, any code on a website / internet can be copied.

But it´s always worth adding a line in a contract, nonetheless.


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