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Webfonts can be “stolen“

A client of mine just asked me to upload some fonts to Webflow, so that he can use them on an other website. He did send me the link he used ( and said he can do this also with the other fonts. I’m wondering if there is a way to prevent someone simply to grab a font from my website on Webflow and use it somewhere else?

This is not a bug this is how absolute URLs works (You can use full path src for images, scripts, fonts, videos). Anyway if site X use paid font without licensed its Illegal (The same idea for shutterStock image or any other licensed product).

If we talk about links - most sites use Cdns Fonts (google fonts and so on).

Summary: Fonts companies search on the web for sites use font-X - call the site owner "hello - do you have license for font X).

Thanks for the explanation. Luckily in my case it were just free fonts, but there are other projects where I wouldn’t be so happy (especially for the type foundry) if someone steals the font. Do you now how CDN Fonts are hosted, so that no one can access them illegally? Wouldn’t this also be an option for Webflow?

No. This is how the web works. I can get inside site X and “still” the text, fonts, ideas, logos, images, video, sound - but this is Illegal - that’s it. If you find someone uses your assets without permission Call a lawyer.

Anyway my answer is not official - you can write to webflow support.

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If you can view it in the browser, there is always a way to download it.

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