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Copyright questions

I know this site was created with webflow and I want to use it as inspiration to build my site, so if I reconstruct the interactions and the websites construction would that be copyright infringement? Like if I rebuild it using my own colors and content…

I dont really understand the copyright of websites let alone the rules when it comes to drag and drop site builders…
I mean I can put a section and container with the same interactions then would I be over stepping the deal? What are can and cant do’s?

Difficult question. Copying interactions is not an infringement in my opinion. I doubt website construction could be aswell, but that should depend on certain elements ar very tied to the brand etc.

Hopefully somebody can fill in and give a more proper answer.

Neither in the opinion of the law :wink:

Absolutely. What can be an issue is when you arrange visual properties resulting in brand confusion. In such a dispute, if you have copied colors and animations resulting to brand confusion, it plays against you. But if you copy pixel per pixel a page of an unknown brand, it’s extremely difficult to dispute. If it’s an entire page/piece, the general author/artist copyright may count but it must be a very original piece. Everything trendy has be copied again and again by definition.

Thank you guys, actually the website Im talking about is somewhat my parent company.
I have rights to their images, I just didnt let them charge me 1900.00 dollars for the webflow template, I figured I could reconstruct it myself and I did, with a variances here and there. The fact is, Ive seen other webflow sites laid out in the similar ways.

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