Copying Navigation bar to new page

I have my Nav Links set to scroll to a section on my home page. When I add a new page Im unable to navigate back to my home page to the specific section selected by nav link.

I tried copying and pasting and even creating a symbol but the links dont even copy please any help would be greatly appeciated

Here is my public share link:
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You need rebuild navigation for every page, you can create pre set symbols of it’s an element for every page.

I tried that but once on new page It won’t let me index section of home page assigned to link. It only lets me index sections on new page.

Hi @samspindel What you need to do is set the URL to go to an external URL and set it for your home page plus the ID of the section.


If my homepage has a section with an ID of Contact , then I would set the external link to /#contact

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I had tried that before but now its working thank you so much!

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