In page links need to redirect to the page as well

Hello Friends, i design a web site: and i am using some in page links from the menu on the left. Now the problem is that when i go to an other page, Shop page, then the links from the menu will not redirect to the page where they are reffering to. The initail functionality of the menu links is to scroll down to a certain section where the in-page-id indicates. This will not happen when i go to an other page. Any help with this please?


Hi @Tasos_Koutsofavas, thanks for your question. In this case, You would need to create a duplicate of the menu on the home page.

On the duplicate menu, you change the links from the “Section on this page” type, to the “External URL” type. The link to the page section would be put in manually like /about#section, where “about” is the page name, and “#section” is the hash symbol followed by the id of the section (or other element) that you wish the user to be directed to.

Once the duplicated menu links have been changed, create a symbol from that menu and place the menu symbol on all your pages except for the home page, which will be using the original menu.

I hope this helps!

Really helpful, simple and absolutely fast reply! Thank you @cyberdave