Cannot go back to specific home section from another page via navigation link

Hi Guys, I recently fully switched from designing and developing on WordPress to Webflow, and everything was great until I got stuck on not being able to link back to the home section. Section ids, all named, as well as nav links, are perfectly working on the home page. but if I click a nav link that redirects to a specific page from that page, the nav link does not bring me back to the other nav links routed section at the home page.

Example: If I am on the pricing page and click to go to the about section at the home page or the services section at the home page, it does not do anything at all.

If I change it to home using section, it works, but if I name an ID on a section or container and try to link it to that specific section inside the home page, it does not go there. Can you guys help?

It looks like you have only set the nav link URLs on the homepage. Here is a screen shot of the nav link elements on your Pricing page. Note the nav links with no URL set have href=“#” .

Its also worth checking out Webflow’s resource on section links here