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Copy pasted divs inside a Symbol are linked together

I have a navbar Symbol with some dropdown links. I copy/pasted one of the links including all the styles but every change I make in one of the links reflects on the other including text, but they need to be different. Is there a way to copy/paste and not have the two divs be linked together like that?

Please post your read-only link.

here it is.

in the services dropdown, the Job posting links are copy pasted and reflect each other except the text. When I try and change the class on it and the image next to the change they reflect each other. No idea how to unlink them

They are using the same class so they share the same style. If you want them to be different classes then choose “duplicate class” on the copied element and call it something else. This will preserve all the styling on the copied class allowing you to modify it without affecting the class you have used as a copy source.


Can’t believe it was that simple. Thank you!

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