Unlink Duplicated Div to it´s Original

Hi webflow Community i have a question for you:

Let´s Say i Have a div With elements in it, a picture, a title and some paragraphs. I would like to Copy that div
and use it as a template for other divs that i need to create.

Let´s say my first Div it´s Called “A” and the one that i copied is “B”

When i Copy A, B div seems to be like an instance. I tried to create a combo class to unlink them
but still when i change a title on A, it Changes in B, is there a magic button? Or Something to unlink them.

When i renamed A, B changes it´s name to match A.

i would appreciate any help on this.
Thanks in advance!

Do you have these set as Symbols? Can you provide a share link?

I ve just solve it, I deleted all the styles on the copyed div,
and i could changes thins in A with out affecting B.


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