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When I modify a text on one page, it's also modified on the other

Hi all,

I am facing a little issue. Basically, I’ve done a one page website which is great, and I wanted to have it in 2 different languages. To save time, I wanted to duplicate the first page and modify only the text on the second.

Obviously, I think I did not think about the class stuff. So when I started to change text blocs on the second page, it also changed the one on the first one.

So I told myself no big deal, I’ll just remove the classes of the elements I am changing and it should not affect the first page. Wrong, it keeps changing. In the end, my duplicated page and the previous one are always the exact same.

Would you know why? I can figure out something else than the class link between the components of the 2 pages.

Thanks for your help,


Sound very weird (Maybe you edit a symbol and/or work in CMS collection page). Also test your site in Incognito mode (And clear cache).

The text/content not related to CSS (Design).

Anyway add live url + read-only link.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried again and in the body it works by renaming the class. However can’t get it to work in the nav bar. Is this because we can have only one navbar class?

Please Add read-only link

Hi, here it is thank for your help!

So basically, the issue lies in the navigation bar where I can’t change the text and objects independently from one page to the other. Would you have any idea why ?

To explain a bit further, on the screenshot below I can edit and translate in the body by renaming the class to something different and that’s fine by me but if I rename the class of an object in the navbar it automatically changes the class on the other page

Hi all,

Anyone would have any ideas?


You must learn the idea of symbols.

No way to teach this by forum Q.

Symbol1 named paris - with class .paris. If you put this symbol 200 times in 200 pages when you change this class (add red border) the same changes will happen to for allparis-symbols (This is the idea of symbol).

Rename class

If you change the class name from paris to “london” in all spots you use this class you get this “rename” (You change the name of the class under CSS file).

Summary: Symbols and classes are related, but diff subjects (Learn both).

Follow webflow university // workshops and get inside the free templates to see how it works.


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