Free Copy & Paste Resources for the Community

Hey All,

I have been working on a little something for the Webflow community and as Cross Site Copy & Paste has arrived! It’s time to share it with you all.

It’s a free resource center for copy & paste components from Buttons to Full Site Navigation Systems - I really hope you find it useful for any projects you happen to be working on.

All the best, Aaron.


Utterly brilliant, this is what makes the webflow community the best in the world.

I knew cross site copy paste would kick off projects like this.

Thank You for taking the time to do this. The site looks beautiful as-well.


You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy them :smiley:

Awesome! :webflow_heart: Love it. This is why we needed Copy+Paste and will show how powerful the community is.
Will you be taking submissions for the resource site or keeping it for your own creations?


Great! I’m glad you like it!

Yeah taking ideas, I in fact have an email dedicated to it: :slight_smile:

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That drawn around button animation is genius! Also fyi the material click effect can be done without custom code, just using mouse following invisible object inside the custom button that will appear and scale on click

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I have to admit. The button & CMS resources are fantastic. Thank YOU

I’m really impressed how you prepared for this feature release with no certainty of release date - and in a big way, too.


This is a fantastic resource.

One thing… when typing an email address into the submission box it is just about impossible to read what you are typing.

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fuck yea, awesome!

seriously, this whole copy & paste thing is so good!
Especially when you’ve been working on and thinking about ways to build proper Design Systems and UI Libraries for and with Webflow! yay:grin:

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@cricitem thanks for noticing that, I’ll fix it :slight_smile:


@Aaron - incredible work dude!

So darn tasty!

Thank bro! Appreciate it, been working on this for about a month :blush:

Thank you @ctrav I’ve been working diligently on it for about a month, glad the community will find it useful :slight_smile:

@Aaron Great work! Can see this being a great resource for designers.

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@tim thanks mate, appreciate it :smiley:


Awesome job man, looking forward to see how this grows along with other resources from the community. Way to kick it off with a bang :wink:

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Thanks @Mogeek I appreciate it, planning for it to be a legit resource hub for the Webflow community, so I’ll be adding components on a weekly basis :rocket: :smile:

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Love the hub’s design, love the components, love the sharing love.
Awesome work @Aaron and it is very generous of you to have shared this with everyone. :+1:t3:


Thanks for all the love @Pasint

And you’re very welcome :smiley: