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How much longer until cross-site copy/paste?

Hey Webflow! I come to you pleading … I’m loving webflow, but the more projects I’m getting, the more inefficient this is becoming that there’s no way to copy elements from other projects into new projects. When will this be available? It’s such a basic feature that I’m surprised it’s still in “planned” mode in the wishlist area?

Hi @adiggy Totally understand the need for this. When I was helping some satellite marches for the March for Science, I really could’ve used this feature myself.

Alas, we are still working on this feature. While we want to release it as fast as possible, we always put quality of features released as a higher priority than the quantity of features released.

Making something easy to use is hard. Making something hard to use is easy :wink:


Not to forget that if you copy an element that has an interaction, is the interaction going together?
Are the universal colours going to be copied as well, and what if there’s an element with the same name on the project you want to past in? Etc

I want this feature as much as anyone else (Interactions v2 would be my most want feature tho), but I can’t stop to think the multitude of problems and bugs this feature is creating :joy:

Good luck Webflow team, I feel your pain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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