Copy element(s) without CMS binding - a right click option

Often times when I’m designing a CMS driven website - I have to copy elements from one dynamic list into another/into a static page - when I try to paste these, it always stops me saying “Dynamic elements can only be moved within the same Dynamic List or Collection Template Page.”

I then go back to the dynamic page, remove the dynamic bindings - copy and paste - then redo the dynamic bindings.

It’d be nice if there was a right click option to copy without dynamic bindings.

Sin é!


That´s a very good idea.
I second that. It would be a huge timesaver.

Would be cool to have but this can also be solved pretty easily:

  • create your design & all divs permutations necessary (if you have conditional designs)
  • save design as symbol
  • drop the symbol into dynamic pages
  • start binding elements

What I really wish Webflow would do is keep the CMS bindings that are still existing/valid on a different dynamic page, like when you use a multi-reference field. You often have to rebind a lot of the same exact fields (with diff values) on a lot of CMS pages / Dynamic lists, making it really time-consuming, and even more so with conditional designs

The would seriously take the copy-pasting and ease of use of Webflow to the next level.

Hey @aolczak, ya that’s a pretty good workaround - although to make a symbol each time you’re designing a new piece of dynamic content would be slightly time-consuming and clunky.

Not sure what you mean in the second half of your post?

Since you’re creating this piece of content anyways, there’s not any more time being spent.

You’ll just bind only after you created the static content version.

I find it to be super powerful and saves so much time. It drove me insane to go unbid everything just to be able to copy-paste (will happen more than once on same element too) and if you have a library of elements (aka styleguide), which I highly recommend, all your dynamic element can be reused throughout your site. Worse case scenario, won’t hurt to have an symbol being used once. Afaik, there’s no limit on the # of symbols any one project can have.

I probably wasn’t clear in the second half. What I meant is that the copy/paste of dynamic element should be enabled, but upon “pasting” the element in a new dynamic page, instead of webflow throwing a “Dynamic elements can’t be used in a different dynamic template” (or smth to that effect), webflow could allow copy/pasting the element into the new dynamic page and keep whatever bindings are still valid while reverting the binding that are not to static content.

Does that make sense?

This is especially relevant when you need the same type of dynamic elements (like say an “article preview” dynamic collection) from pages to pages, but of course the collection content will be different.

Yep, it doesn’t make sense to make a symbol - although it is still clunkier than copying and pasting element without bindings - i think that would be the sweetest solution…

And I get your other point now - makes sense also - but not having a clue how the back-end of webflow works - i imagine that could be rather complicated to implement…

hopefully there’ll be some movement on this going forward…we’ll just have to wait and see…

Great idea @Diarmuid_Sexton thank you for posting this in our new wishlist here: Copy element(s) without CMS binding | Webflow Wishlist