Copy and Paste between projects - Reveal webinar

You can copy elements, symbols (but they will be un-symboled when pasted) and elements with interactions from one project to another in your account :slight_smile:


@PixelGeek can you add me to the beta testing train even though I missed registration yesterday? Also, any new timeline for mass-release? Thanks for all your teams’ hard work!

Hey @TroyLion ! Thanks for the interest :slight_smile: Right now I’m keeping it closed to the people who registered - but I will definitely let you know once I have coordinated with product if there’s another spot for a beta user!

Yeah, I’m guessing we can make a few exceptions for some of our good friends here! Once we’re ready to roll out Beta access that is.

So very close!


count me in as well please !!!:pray::pray:

Thank you @Anais and @kkilat ! I appreciate you keeping me in mind. Any updates on when we could expect another beta rollout? I’m making related decisions with clients currently.

Hi ! I want to know how I can have the beta link to try the copy and paste feature please

Hi friends! We started inviting folks to the Beta a couple of days ago – if any of you weren’t already given access, feel free to send me a private message with your Webflow account email address, and I’ll set you up.


@TroyLion @logos @Karine_Vezina


Hi kkilat, I missed the Beta first time round and would love access to try out the copy between projects feature. Is that possible? my user name is cptfinch

thank you,