Copy and Paste between projects - Reveal webinar

Hey everyone!

We’re close to finishing our work on cross-site copy/paste: one of the longest standing and most popular feature requests on the Webflow Wishlist :smiley:

To give you a preview of this feature and the chance to ask questions, we’ll be interviewing Kyle Kilat — the product manager on the project — in a live workshop next Thursday, March 22nd, at 10am PST.

Kyle will give a quick demo of the feature and share info about joining our beta testing group.

We’d love for you to join — register today to save your spot and we’ll send the link out shortly before the session starts.


@anais That register link doesn’t work :frowning:

@anais @pasint @rowan

Link updated now - looks like it was just a pesky forward slash / just before the google url which meant it prefixed it with the webflow url too…


@anais - What time are invites going out?

Oh yes! Just received mine… 1m 40 seconds ago.

Does it mean I’m a nerd if I’m so excited about this?
Oh wait… being a magician made me a nerd already. :joy:


nothing wrong with being a nerd. :nerd_face: :wink:


Amazing news guys… Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thanks for watching :smiley:

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Lol forgot about this… And I never received a reminder or anything. :crazy_face:


Is there a replay? Thanks

Did you get a link via email? If so, that will work for the replay.

I missed it too. Didn’t pay attention that it was on a Thursday. :sob:
Link please!

No linky:( can I have, pretty please

As it was registration-only - I need to let @anais or @PixelGeek respond…

Thanks, i filled in the form of that helps

The replay can be found here:

Please note that the link to the beta will only be sent to those that have registered and when it is ready.



@RoseWebStudio @rowan @matthewpmunger

Enjoy…it’s good!


thanks a lot for reminder. would really appreciate it as well! i’m going through pct and such reminders are helpful for me. thanks.

Can anyone who watched the whole thing give a TL:DR? :slight_smile: