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Cookie consent notification - where does it come from? How to change/delete/adapt?

Hey guys,

for some time now, the following “cookie consent notification” has been displayed on my websites. It covers a large part of the header, especially on mobile devices:


The code looks as follows:


I didn’t add the notification. Is this automatically generated by Webflow? How can I update, remove or adapt it?

Thank you very much!

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Hello @michael

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi Piter,

just sent you a message with the read only link.

I couldn’t find anything in the project that refers to the notification.



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Hi @michael, just a note, Webflow does not add the cookie consent code to your page, it had to be added custom. I would also check the following areas of the code:

  1. Custom code tab on project settings
  2. Page settings custom code
  3. An embed widget on the page using custom code

I hope this helps.

Might have found the solution …

Redarding the class name … it seems to be part of the hubspot plugin … :wink:

Nowadays stuff can be inserted via web proxies as well. E.g. if a domain name is going through Cloudflare CDN for example, you can simply enable an “app”/module on Cloudflare that automatically injects stuff/functionality into your site.

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Great point @samliew!