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Cookie Policy with free plan

I’ve a free plan with Webflow and I would like to put a cookie allowance tab, I don’t know how to do. Could you kindly help me on it?



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Hi @Zazu Welcome to the community :smiley:

You will need to add custom code to add that functionality. At this time, you cannot add custom code or use the embed component on a site under the free plan.

But you can still add-on a hosting subscription to your site to gain access to those. Once you do add-on a hosting subscription, here is a thread that may help you further:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Zazu

For paid accounts: I just use the free cookie app at Just enter your Domain, where you want the cookie to show (I use bottom right), template (I use Light Small), Headline and Text to explain to the user. Then enter the page user where your cookie policy is (i.e http:/, and your email address. This will give you the code to copy/paste into Webflow to either the page in the before tag panel (if triggered for one page such as the home page) or under Custom Code in the site settings in the Footer Code - Add code before tag: panel.
Hope this helps. Mike

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For Free/Starter Webflow accounts, if you know how to set up Cloudflare to work with Webflow, you can use a Free Cloudflare account and enable this app to put your custom message:

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