Cookie consent banner flashes when refreshing

Hi everyone! I have used this Webflow GDPR Compliance* Cookie Consent on, but there seems to be an issue with it when I refresh. It keeps flashing/show quickly when I hit refresh and it kind of annoys me. Does anyone if there’s a fix for this? Help appreciated :slight_smile:


Here is my site Read-Only

Hi @olledahl :wave: It looks like you need just delete “Loading” interaction from this banner :relieved:

Hi @bro-design! Hmm, I don’t have a loading interaction on this banner anymore (I deleted it earlier today).

If you look at, accept all cookies and then hit refresh you can see the banner flashing by for like a millisecond before the smaller “Cookie Preferences” banner (see attached) appears to the bottom left.


Oh got it why is it after I clone and publish this project.

Try to set 0% opacity for .cookie-popup_component by default:

Amazing, it works perfectly! Thanks, @bro-design :slight_smile:

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