Cookie banner never goes away

Hi! I’m following the cookie banner integration in this Webflow University tutorial: Facebook Pixel | Webflow University

The banner loads, and when pressing Accept, it does not appear again. No problems there.

After clicking Reject though, the banner pops up when reloading or going to a different page. It’s annoying. I figured once a user rejects cookies, the banner shouldn’t continue asking them to accept them.

I looked at the custom javascript code, and it appears the js code only hides the banner (alreadyLoaded == true) if the user accepts the cookies. I don’t even see how the banner display is supposed to be set to ‘none’ otherwise.

Link to my read only site is below (if I included it correctly!)


  • john

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Any chance someone can take a look at this? Thanks!

I’d recommend looking into something like Finsweet’s Cookie Consent Banner instead:

I’m sure the option you referenced from Webflow University is great, but Finsweet’s option offers more functionality and more flexibility without needing to dig as much into raw code.

Thanks for the suggestion! But I spent a few hours putting together a custom cookie banner with animation and if the fix is a simple update to a line of javascript I’d rather do that that scrap everything and start over with Finsweet.