Webflow Cookie Consent Display Glitch

Hello all. I have found a cookie consent banner I really like:
Webflow GDPR Compliance* Cookie Consent

The issue I’m facing is that even after the consent has been accepted - upon refreshing the page, the small banner appears just for a second. You can see the glitch here:


My question is, has anybody used this particular banner before and found a resolution? Or perhaps it can be fixed with a hack of some sort.

Thanks in advance.

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The example you referenced is just using Finsweet’s Cookie Consent, which you can read more about here or view the official components cloneable here. Personally, I always try and go to the source, especially in cases like this where there may be updates that aren’t reflected in the third-party option.

When I pulled open the Webflow cloneable, they have a div titled “Set all components to display:none and use this Div to create a Symbol” — so the missing step in your setup is to set the Cookie Consent elements to display:none:

This will prevent the “flicker” (since the elements will be hidden by default) and instead only display the necessary elements based on the user’s previous cookie tracking selection.

Give that a try and let me know if that fixes the issue :+1:

Thank you for the comprehensive reply I really appreciate it.

Setting the components to display:none has indeed done the trick.