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Converting site to CMS?

Can someone please point me to any resources on how to convert a existing site built with Webflow, into a Webflow CMS site? Is this possible or do I have to start from scratch?

Thanks for any help / info!

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You don’t have to start from scratch. Just add collections, items, and then dynamic items and lists to your page. See the help center for tutorials.

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It’s super easy and you don’t have to restart. You’ll just have to turn some sections and blocks into dynamic content,

  • First, click the collections button on the left-hand side of the designer. Add a collection and some collection items to use within your dynamic content.

  • using a dynamic content list, drag it into your website and click on the element.

  • Then hook it up to collections, it’ll ask you to select from a drop down.

  • Then adding whatever you want into the dynamic list,

  • and then styling it…

Here’s a video I found:


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Awesome! Thanks for the help / info / links! I’m glad I don’t have to start from scratch, and I think I get how to create the blog CMS section with my current site, but I guess I am wondering how hard it is / what are the steps to upload it to my server (I use MediaTemple to host my sites).

I know with Wordpress there is a “one click” install, but I’m unclear of what is needed for Webflow’s CMS. Sorry, I am a designer not a developer. Any further help / suggestions or video tutorials would be great!

Thanks again for taking time to reply!


As I’m a newbie here and I think about using Webflow, this information has convinced me as I find a possibility to convert site to CMS very convenient.