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Animated gifs/video help please?


really struggling with using gifs within Webflow and spent 2 hours trying to find a solution without any success :frowning:

I have a gif (approx 140k) and I import it as an image, yet it only displays as a static image and doesn’t animate. Was created in after effects if that makes any difference then converted via Photoshop.

Currently this has completely stopped me being able to make a site as I need these to display my design work.

Please can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong and how I fix it?

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @philwiles If you want to use gif upload them to your webflow assets and use an image element to place em. The image element accepts gif format as well.Here’s the solution Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

Thanks Sachin, think the issue is more my creating of the Gif from the After Effects MP4 file than an issue with webflow, I’ve managed to get it to work – looks terrible and pixelated but at least it works :+1:

Is there anyway to use animations saved as mp4 without hosting on Vimeo/YouTube etc?

You can use Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service!)

Thanks again Sachin, I’ll look into that. Are there other animation formats possible to use within Webflow?

I mostly use JSON you can find the tutorial on webflow university on how to create animation’s on after effects and export it to JSON!

awesome, thanks very much for all your help. Appreciate it :+1: