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How to get a .mp4 or GIF to play inside a static Iphone screen?

Hi Community,

I want to display an .mp4 or GIF inside a static Iphone screen on our landing page exactly like you see here on . I also need this to work on mobile. I’ve searched around the forums and found (1) background video in divs won’t work on mobile (2) embed blocks from webflow are tricky (3) I should use a custom code HTML5 player?

I’m not developer so if the 3 is true please help on how I would do this in laymans terms…

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Austin,

You can convert this video to Lottie animation and use it.
This is a good solution you can clone it

You could also create a GIF in a video editing software if that’s more aligned with your skills. Have a static image of a phone screen, create GIF inside software of your choice, add GIF on top of the phone image inside the software, export as a single GIF. It should work.