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Converting a Webflow web app to a native app

Anyone have any experience converting a Webflow web app to a native app for iOS and Android?

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I doubt you could achieve a “native” app using Webflow as it produces HTML, CSS and JavaScript rather than objective-c, swift or java.

Having said that, there are a number of frameworks out there that let you build an app using a web stack (think ionic, framework 7, quasar) which then imitate a native experience. This approach is generally sufficient for most apps’ requirements. You could in theory use Webflow to build all your interfaces and then use vuejs or angular to build an app this way. But then why would you when it’s so much easier just to use a proper UI library.

If you want a real quick and dirty hack job you could always build your website in Webflow, make it nice and responsive, then use a service like gonative, appster, appypie. These tools basically take a website, make it look like an app, then can help you get the app shipped to an App Store.


Check out
I use the in5 html export plugin to build apps using InDesign so can’t see any issues with using a Webflow export.

Can we do it in unity app development software? If yes, then is it necessary to hire a unity developer for this?

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Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce , a tool for those who want to test or publish android & iOS apps fast and simply.

1/ Create your responsive web app on Webflow
2/ Convert your web app on website or mobile app:

  • input your web app url
  • upload your icon (png, transparent background)
  • name your mobile app
  • brief description
  • Your bundle ID
  • APP ID (OneSignal push notification)
  • Set other preferences: Screen orientation, WebRTC (Audio, video, mic) and publication.

Service is the fastest our there, same day delivery with live support.

You can preview before purchase with the Previewer app:

Uploads, push and geolocation work perfectly and its Google Play ready. iOS build is seamlessly uploaded to your dev account.

Cost is Startup friendly and offer flexible payment methods (single or monthly)

Ideate, Nativate!


Now it is common and easy to turn website into app by the help of developer or using frameworks and app platforms.

Hello Nativators,

Following numerous requests regarding QR / bar scanning ability, is pleased to announce that an integrated QR/Bar code scanner is now available. Your Web App can be converted into a Native App that allows to:

1/ Open camera for scan.

2/ Get the destination: Url.

3/ Access the link inside the app seamlessly for a better user experience.

The product is ideal for apps requiring QR scan for further action such as product or service details or purchase, open a course, brochure, video etc.

Check out the demo:


Conversion is as usual; super easy, quick and code-less.

Thank you for using , hoping we’re helping more tech entrepreneurs build and publish faster with more native features.

Cheers everyone.


Ideate, Nativate.

Nativator is now offering both iOS and Android conversion with the same effectiveness as before.

You will be able to upload your iOS builds straight to your App Developer account seamlessly without the need to own a Mac or Xcode.

You will also be able to test your app on device and share it via TestFlight before release.


The delivery time is slightly longer than Android due to App Store process (12 to 24 hours before being able to share build upload confirmation).

Once uploaded, you only need to customize your app with graphic assets, description etc and you are good to go!


  • White label splash + Webview.
  • File / camera upload ability.
  • Push notification with One Signal.
  • Geolocation permission.
  • App store uploaded IPA, seamlessly.
  • Install on device and test before release.
  • No coding required.
  • All Google fonts rendering.
  • Free info.plist updates (permissions)

We’ve also updated our pricing as follows:

iOS: $39
Android: $19

**Get a discount with our promo code: stayhome, valid until May 15th.


Hi everyone,

We’ve added some cool features to our conversions to give more super powers to your Webflow web apps:

* AdMob Monetization:

Monetize your mobile traffic with AdMob easily with a banner or Interstitial ads.

* Offline mode detector:

Your app will automatically show an alert if you go offline with a reconnect button and a timer.

* Payment with Paypal, Stripe, Woocommerce:

Accept payments on major payment aggregators.

* Audio / MIC permission:

Activate this permission if your app needs to play or record audio.

* Screen orientation:

Pick between: Portrait or Dynamic.

* Push Notification:

Send push to PlayerID works on both Android and iOS
iOS: we provide you with your *.Cer file so you can convert it into *.12 and setup your OneSignal APP ID.

* Webview optimization:

Improved app rendering to allow a native feel (Full screen, no bouncing on all devices)

* Back press button reload:

No more app exit, the back button will reload your view instead.

* Comment:

Mention anything that could help us understand better your app behavior so we can adapt our conversion.

* Live chat support:

Keep the history of your chats with our team.

We invite you to read our Tutorial for further details.
In the meantime, Ideate, Nativate!


If I change something on the website it will automatically change on the app as well?

Hi @Renan_Alves,

Yes, your updates will be instantly rendered in your native app.


Will I be the only owner and publisher of the app?

Yes, as long as it is published under your developer account.

Hey everyone,

We are happy to inform you that the upgrade to API 29 is now live, we are back to initial speed and will send updated APKs to all users having converted during August. We thank you for your patience.

That’s not all! Here are some new features and bugs fixing that hopefully will ravish many:

1) Get PlayerID and save it into your database: It is now possible to send push notification to a specific user, without code.
Nativator appends the playerid to the app url from which you can extract and save during sign up (or login), parameter must be: playerid (text)

2) Back button press (Android Device): Function was optimized, you can now go back to browsing history. No need to create your own back button on the web app for a better user experience.

3) Offline Detector: Your app will trigger a native alert in case you’re offline or airplane mode with a refresh button.

Other news:
ADMOB was deprecated, we no longer offer this feature.

Roadmap: We are currently working on;

  1. Custom splash background feature.
  2. Camera access (android)

Thanks again Nativators, hope we are serving you well, do not hesitate to get in touch in case of issues.


Hi, it’s sounds super interesting, do you have some examples of iOS apps?

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Hi Philip,

Thanks for the comment, here is a recent ios conversion:


Hi, I’m sorry but the app is not available in my country (Denmark) do you have an another app?


Hey! Har du testet ut Nativator? Virker ganske interessant.
PS er fra Norge

Jeg har ikke testet det endnu, ved ikke om der er eksempler på IOS apps som virker I Danmark og Norge… Hvad med dig har du prøvet det?


Jeg vet heller ikke om noen apper som funker… Føler liksom at et slikt system kan skape mange bugs i appen, samt bruker-dataen hos de som bruker appen vet vi ikke hvem som lagrer. Plutselig må vi/de vi lager appen i retten for brudd på gud vite hva…

Mine tanker^ Men nei, jeg har ikke prøvd det