Convert Site to IOS/Android App

Hey guys, I have a client that wants a mobile app (ios/android), the “app” basically just needs to open the website within the app and that’s it.
My website is running on php (laravel), so it’s not going to be static html, so I’m not looking for a solution that requires editing the current code.
Can anyone share their experiences or provide any recommendations?

I can recommend this guide - There’s a comprehensive information about converting website to ios app

You need to hire an expert in this field, here are some essential steps you can take
Step 1. Consider the essential features for your iOS/Android application.
Step 2. Get a project estimation and set deadlines.
Step 3. Hire a specialist to create the UI / UX design for your iOS/ Android app.
Step 4. Move on with the development.
Step 5. Launch your application to the App Store/ Google Play
More detail here

I second the thought of MartinErickson, what he said is exactly what you need to do.

Hi Jamil,

You could try which converts responsive websites / web apps into native mobile apps (Android and iOS) without code.