How to create iOS / Android mobile app and enable native features like push-notifications, geolocation, in-app purchases for your Webflow project?

Time needed - from 15 mins (depends on features quantity)

Skills required - no coding skills. You just need any mobile-responsive Webflow site.

We often get requests to create mobile apps, even though we developed a fast mobile responsive Webflow site.

There are three reasons/cases when clients need a mobile app for their Webflow website:

  1. To use NATIVE FEATURES like push notification, geolocation, and deep linking and increase retention rate.

  2. To enable new ENGAGEMENT channels - App Store and Google Play.

  3. To create a new MONETIZATION channel - in-app purchases.

We want to share the fast and easy way to respond to such requests and expand your tech stack.

We don’t develop mobile apps from scratch. We just wrap our Webflow projects with web2app converter Natively.

How it works. Natively wraps(converts) your webflow site/app to the native mobile app by adding it to the WebView.

Step 1 (3-5 min)
Put your Webflow website URL into Natively and connect your Google / iOS account.
Watch “How-to”

Step 2 (5-15 min)
Set up native features using guides. For instance, watch how to set up push notifications

Native features you can enable:
Push notifications
In-App Purchases (with RevenueCat)
Native Contacts (Fetch all or create a new one)
Screen orientation control (Lock/Unlock screen orientation)
Android In-App browser (Display links inside of the app)
Live Location Tracking (Foreground live location tracking)
VCF(vCard) files support

Use Preview mode to test all features before buying - Preview - Natively Docs

Pricing. There are 3 options for how to start for free:
You can start with a free Preview Mode,
Start a 3-day trial to publish your Android app on Google Play ($9/month after trial),
Start a 3-day trial to publish your app on Google Play and App Store ($29/month after trial).

Natively provides special terms and warranties for App Store and Google Play acceptance.

Check out some wrapped apps

Learn more about Natively

Try Natively for free - Natively | Onboarding

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