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Content Management System

Webflow looks gorgeous and I know that the topic of Content Management has been brought up before looking at the previous topics. My question is, has the team made plans to implement this and has there been any estimation as to when a feature like this could be seen? In 6 months, a year, or later?

At the moment I am using another product/service that is well suited to the needs of my partner and I but the code output is less than ideal. So I have been keeping my eye on webflow since I think it is absolutely amazing. I may consider purchasing a subscription at a later date if this is in the works.

another user posted this:

I don’t know for sure since I don’t work for WF, but it could be in the works.

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I’m not webflow staff either but am pretty sure Webflow staff has repeatedly and recently said that CMS features will come. No dates of course (: It makes sense because hosting seems to be an important goal for Webflow, so it’s only natural to come up with CMS-esque features one day…

I’m in a similar position to you regarding CMS and Webflow. Would love to have this feature soon. Meanwhile, you can look at exporting the code to be used with an outside system, like modx or perch.

A complete online Business solution similar to Adobe Business Catalyst would be more like it. If we can’t then, it should be something designers can work with, without learning php, .net and those server-side stuff. Looking forward.