When is the CMS going to launch?

There was the news of the CMS being launched soon. Is in going to be this year? Next year? If there is a definitive date, it gets easier for us to make decisions on our strategy using webflow sites.


Best we can do is just sign up for the beta and wait. I signed up for it, but obviously they have their limit for testers. We’ll know when we’ll know.

I know they are keenly aware of how big such an add-on is and it will make a significant impact to the growth of webflow. Kinda excited about it really. After working with other CMS’s, and templates/designs there, I’m reeeeeealy hoping this CMS turns out well so I can do nothing but WebFlow sites!


In all honesty, we are super excited and we know all of you are as well! Just hang tight and we’ll release more details soon.

Remember. Quality > Quantity.


don’t you mean Quality > it doesn’t exist for you yet so stop yur bitch’n @PixelGeek ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck I think it would even be cool for a simple editor feature in which certain text content can be marked either with a predefined class or similar where we can give clients access to a very dumbed down editor for changes to headings and images. I very intuitive approach would be where they log in and see very much like a preview of the site and they simply click to edit. With images, they are also coached on suggested proportions based on the image already provided by the designer and there is always an undo feature and the designer has access all the way back pre edit. Remember if the designer doesn’t specifically mark an element as editable they can’t mess it up.

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There was some sort of website add-on for HTML-designed sites where this was actually a thing.

Something like this http://www.snippetmaster.com/index.php

I received the launch email from Webflow as I opened up this forum thread. Talk about coincidence.

It costs $20 per month for CMS hosting.

Official announcement forum post here:

Awesome stuff… well done!

Just a little heads up… typo on https://webflow.com/cms
Just after the video… “recipies” should be recipes.


fixed. thanks! :smiley:

Hey @PixelGeek,

Quick question about the CMS:

This answer found in the FAQ

How does code export work?
When you build a site in Webflow, you’re also generating clean, production-ready HTML and CSS. If you’re on our Personal, Professional, or Team plan, you can export the code for static sites to use in any of your projects. We add “w-” to our default classes so it won’t conflict with other frameworks. Sites built with Webflow CMS can’t be exported.

Hints that once the CMS is used in our project we can not export. Is this true?

If it is … it would be difficult to avoid the usage of the CMS, since it’s in our designer … and it’s so tempting.

What if we used the CMS but still want to export the site and the content itself? Is this possible?


Diana :smiley:

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