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Content for my website


I want to ask if the content is important for the website.

It should be original or not?

Where I can take the texts for my website?

Can someone help me?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Kaily12,

Definitely it is!

It’s a huge part of SEO. You have to have a great amount of content ( blogs, images, videos and etc) & these content should be optimized for Google. After you have your content, you should also utilize content promotion strategies to drive traffic to your website.

But remember, your content should also be relevant to your product/service. If you have an online store for t-shirts and blog posts about gardening, it’s not gonna work.

Good Luck! x

Hey, of course, it is important, it is crucial for Google ranking. Even so, it doesn’t look professional when you read something that you read somewhere else. And that doesn’t just apply to sites but literally to everything. My teachers are very severe, so I always try to write the essays in a unique way and I check every time the plagiarism. And if I don’t have any ideas about what to write, I use the same service, as the essays are written by real people and it’s unlikely to find the same essay on the Internet.