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It is worth creating an auto blog!


A little off-topic, but I needed the help of potential viewers.

I want to create my own blog about auto where I will control/buy cars with a friend and so on. So I will make videos, my question is I should post text after it or not.

If I should create text at which I am not the best how I should make it? Some advice, please!

Thank you in advance for your help, have a nice day!!!

Research and do your own work.

When you get a University degree and then get a job, are you going to ask your colleagues to do your work for you as well?

Thanks for your advice!

Can you give more information?

How is going with your blog? It should be great if you will post a summary of your video, or just some characteristics of the car you are reviewing. Nowadays, it isn’t a problem if you are bad at writing, as there are many services that can help you with that. I am also not good at writing, and I am using this service every time when I have a writing assignment for school. Good luck with your blog!

Good, I am in the process to edit some videos and I will put on my blog