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What's your main source for driving traffic?

Hello mate,

I am new to SEO. Just started my SEO career. I would like to know what’s your main source for driving traffic to your websites?

I would like to use that platform for myself. Thank you!

I am waiting for someone response here. I hope you’ll guide me guys. Thanks!

What do you mean exactly? Which software I use to rank a website in Google?

Or do you want to know how to build a website so that it can be read by Google?

Continuously writing blogs that contain valuable, share-worthy content that gets linked to from other blogs and websites will result in a higher SEO rank.

When it comes to SEO: If you write with authority, you will have authority.

This is just the start, of course :wink:

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When you are starting, off page SEO is the best way to start (Social media, press, email marketing etc)

My main source of traffic is organic. For that you have to do link building for your site. Choose some high volume relevant keywords for your business and start working on it. Secondly, you can drive a huge no of traffic from social media as well. Use facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, quora, google+ etc. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I tried ppc but it take to much of money, I change strategy by social media marketing and content marketing to boost serp ranking of my site… For social media i suggest facebook, twitter and reddit.