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Can I build a page from CMS "parts" ? Does it make sense SEO wise?

Hello all !
I have an idea but I’m note sure wether it’s a good one or not…
Would it be good SEO wise if I start to write long pages out of shorter CMS items ? (a “page” would be in fact a CMS collection page)
It would be more convenient for me but I’d like to know wether it makes a difference for the search engines : would they see that page the same way as if it was written the conventional way ? (ie as a normal page)
I’m not sure my explanation is clear so please do not hesitate to ask me for more info if you need some :+1:
Thanks to you all by advance for your help !

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@Matthieu_Valle Don’t mind me if I don’t answer your question correctly.
It will be good for your SEO if you can write a blog post with up to 2200 words. I read one of the article that the page with up to 2200 words is a good page to rank high in Google. My personal blog page has less words and SEO called it “Thin Content”. I noticed that when I add more content, Google is more likely to rank that particular page higher. This is just my theory. Beside focus on add more content, I also focus on different things…

Having more words in your CMS items will be good for computer but you also should think about your users that will visit your site. Will they find your content useful? Will they enjoy reading it?