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SECTIONS - Proper way to achieve vertical responsiveness?

Hi Everyone


I’m a noob regarding responsive design.

Is there a proper way to think about and implement sections where they automatically expand/contract around their content AND stay stitched together vertically with browser scaling and different media types?

I’m trying to utilize VH/VW, %, and EM for fonts, etc. I think I’m not utilizing section or container padding. Would that help me in allowing sections to self-scale and not pull away from one another leaving body background color exposed?

I can’t find any documentation nor tutorials on this so yes, I’m bugging all of you!

Thanks in advance.


Hello @kelliesworld

Thanks for reaching out! :) I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles with designing your website.

From what I can find is that you have fixed width for different containers and sections. If you want your website to be fluid (changing height of elements dependable on amount of data inside) then you shouldn’t be setting a fixed height.

I would recommend to watch our video tutorials at if you’re having troubles with designing websites :)

I hope this helps!


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