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Container Not Autosizing?

First time poster and still learning Webflow. Apologies for the topic name if it isn’t clear. I searched for as many image tutorials I could find before posting. This is day 3 with this issue.

I have paintings that are tall and narrow. I am rotating the image so it is entirely visible horozontally.
Think of it as a vertical Hero? Image above, description and image details below with a contact button.

My issue is the top section that contains the lightbox/image will not autosize. The image is as the top, but no matter the myriad of combinations I try, setting of Heights, Layouts, have any effect on making the box only the size it needs to display the image.

My verbosity probably falls short of what my pasted text will reveal. I apologize for the lack of understanding. It seems so simple, I attack it from different angles… no success.

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NOTE: see page Art Horizontal

Knowing how different elements work is best. Trial and error is going to happen (to all of us). I don’t know what your try to accomplish, but I did some rearranging so you can get a better idea a proper structure.
Also, the Container is “auto-sizing” because it is really only set at one setting. It’s a handy element that contains everything in it’s pre-defined area. If a designer wants to expand out of that pre-defined area, a Div is the best element to use. Sections are a new area on a page where you fill with other elements (Divs, etc.).
Learning all this is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for your time and the advice. Learning truly never ends.

I didn’t see any changes that you had made. But I did revisit it, this time using an image that was wide to begin with, not one I rotated in the page.

What I wanted is something like this.


That is using a non rotated image.

What I got was this,


… where the container seems to refuse adjusting its vertical and horizontal size to the images rotated orientation.

Until I know better, I think I’l try and keep it simple, and just use images that are already rotated to begin with.

Thanks again for you quick replay,