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Having trouble with column filling the height of parent container

I’m having trouble getting my columns to fill their parents height. See picture below –

The containers layout is as follows:
Display: Flex
Direction: Horizontal
Align: Stretch
Justify: Start

Each column inside the container has the following properties:
Sizing: Grow if possible
Align: Stretch
Order: none
Height: 100%

What am I doing wrong or missing? The goal here is to have each column fill the whole height of the parent container.

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Hi @Thomas_Fitzgerald and welcome. I will highly recommend you to watch all content of Webflow University to learn at least some necessary basics of this platform.

To save you time, here is a video related to your question.

When you asking for help instead writing code as text is good practice to share “Read-only” link. If you do not know how to do that you have link under each new request.

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