Container List is hidden only on published site


I’m new to the Webflow and have been using it to build a Job board for a few days and it’s looking good.

But when I open the published site the container list is hidden and isn’t showing on published site but in the editor when I click eye button on the top left there isn’t any problem and I’m able to navigate the site. Not sure what I did wrong. It happened somewhere when I was trying out Tabs Pane.

Attaching screenshot for reference.

  1. In the editor when I click eye button:
  2. In the published site (

Has anyone faced this issue before? Please let me know. Thanks much,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

The elements inside your collection list div “expander” are set to display=“none” since both children are using the same class and the initial state is being set with interactions.

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Could you let me know how can I solve this?
I’m assuming you are talking about this in the expander.

Hi @webdev

So I have still not solved this issue if I have multiple filters on the website. Could you let me know if there is any workaround to this?

Your problem is quite common for new users when building accordion like interfaces. You have two elements with the same class. One you want visible on page load as the trigger, the other to be revealed when the trigger is acted upon. Both elements need to have a different class, the trigger should be visible on load and when clicked shows the hidden element. If they have the same class with an initial state set in IX to be hidden, both the trigger and the element to reveal will be hidden. Thus the problem.

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