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Help with content showing immediately on click to show/hide interaction

I am having trouble showing/hiding all content simultaneously using Hide/Show with interactions.

I am hiding/showing a section containing divs to create full width rows.

Each div has a column element nested within a container.

I am telling the interaction to show/hide the section — which it’s doing — but the containers within each div are not picking up the Hide/Show interaction.

Attached is a screen grab and below is the public share link.

Any help would be great.


e is my public share link:

Hi @8tracker, could you help to narrow down the elements/page that have the interaction? What is the class name and interaction name?

A screenshot of the element having the element with click interaction assigned will be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for getting back to me… I hope I answer this right.

– The page is titled “Portfolio”

– The class of the item being affected by an interaction is titled “Hidden Projects”

– The interaction element uses a Trigger Click with its class titled “Projects Drawer Link”

Attached are two screen grabs showing the element the trigger click affects and the element that is activating it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @8tracker, thanks for getting back to me. I would suggest to give your hidden projects div an overflow of hidden:

With overflow set to visible, the hidden content appears immediately. Setting the overflow to hidden, will show the content smoothly.

I hope I understand correctly on the issue, give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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That did it. Thanks so much.

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