The content on the live published site is hidden

Hi there,

I have been learning Webflow with some created projects. I built this job board with job information on the site and added filters (Tab Pane) to it so that people can search for jobs based on social media, community management, etc. Now that I published the jobs aren’t showing but only categories (Tab Pane headers) are visible. Not sure what I did wrong. Attaching screenshot for reference. Can someone please help? Thanks,

This is from view (eye button in the editor, everything is working fine)

But when I actually go to the domain (here’s domain link - it’s not visible

Hey there, @iamrafy! Can you please share your read-only link so we can take a look at your project setup and help you better?


Hi @myonke -

Sure. Here you go -

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,

Hm…nothing sticks out to me…

It’s hard to test since I can’t publish the site in read-only. Does the issue still happen on the published site when you give “Tabs” a width, like 900px just as an example to test?

Yeah, Just tried it and issue still exist.

Bummer, I will try and take a closer look when I am on my laptop tomorrow. If you end up solving the problem before then, please let me know!


Hey @myonke

Haven’t fixed the issue yet but there could be a problem with collection list. I removed tab panes to see if it works. But I believe the problem is collection list wrapper or collection list. Even if the tab panes are removed the published website doesn’t show the collection list.

Any idea how to make collection list basically the DB to be shown on the website?

I am still not sure why the info is not showing. I just quickly rebuilt a minimal structure showing you how I would build it. While I can’t test on a live site, if you set it up similar to this, everything should work for you. I believe it might have something to do with the locked width of your “container” but I am not sure.

Here’s a quick screenshare of what I did:

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks, @myonke. So I was asking around in the forum and someone mentioned it’s the problem with the interaction.

Attaching screen share -

Now if I do affect on “Selected Element” it is working only in Tab 1 “All” but on all other tabs, it’s not working. Not sure what I have to do here.

Ah yeah, I didn’t even look at the interactions. This is just my opinion, but I like it better without the interaction at all.

The interaction you have now is telling the page to hide your job card elements. Then on mouse tap, show them. Well, if they are hidden, they can’t be tapped to show :slight_smile:

If you want to have a similar effect, maybe do something like this:

Just an idea, but it definitely the interaction you have setup. You don’t need the interaction at all.

Yes. Understood. Thanks @myonke

The interaction process is a good way to expand your description of the job with additional details. If I’m not doing any interaction then it looks weird with a lot of content on the site.

I will see what I can do. Maybe I use separate div for tab panes with a different class or just remove the filters for time being and figure it out later. :smiley:

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