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Hello Webflow forum,

First off, I just wanna say that webflow is fantastic, and the countless integrations available are really helping me develop my website. Unless i messed up the share link, I am currently on a CMS item template page, and I would like my users to be able to email the “poster” of the CMS item. The CMS item contains an email and phone number. Is there a way to create an email prompt with the individual cms item email (pop-up or on the page is fine) that users can contact the poster? I am pulling the email address from the collection item so it’s visible on the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi @DanAsh,

You could add a form to the page with a hidden field that includes the email address and then use a tool like Zapier to send the form data in an email to that email address.

You could also make the email address on the page a “mailto” link which would open the user’s email client when they click the email address.

I hope that helps!

Blake, thank you very much for the response!

So i’m debating between using Jotform or webflow for the form, but originally I wanted to do exactl what you say in the second suggestion. The problem is that because I am pulling the email address from a collection, I cannot change the text block settings. Do you know of any work arounds to this?

Ah, if you change the Contact Email field in your Collection from Plain Text to Email Address, you should be able to access the email address from the CMS in your link element on the page.

I would make a new Contact Email field set to type Email Address and then copy and paste the email address from the current field for each collection item before deleting the current Contact Email field.

Does that make sense?

oh my god thank you so much blake, this is literally the most important feature on my site!

Ok I have one last question. Is it possible to preload the page url into the email so both the buyer and seller know what product they are discussing? If not, I can figure it out. You have been so helpful!

I’m glad that helped!

You should be able to pull in data from the page with some custom JavaScript - in the page settings panel, you can add custom code to the Before section and reference CMS fields in that code.