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I’m looking to add a contact us form/page to my website, does webflow automatically create working contact us forms? or is it simply just the design which is created?

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Hi @Matty

This article might help:

You’ll need to add a form block to your site.

hope this helps :smile:


Thanks for the link, its a little disappointing that we don’t get unbranded emails on the “personal” paid plan. You allow unbranded websites but not unbranded emails.

Emails for any business is important which I’m sure you can understand, having another company which relates to the same business we do (Web Design) wouldn’t work for me. While I would always recommend webflow, emails need to be personal maybe something you guys could discuss in the future.

For me to get this feature I would need to upgrade to professional package which wouldn’t be worth it for me at this time, twice the price I’m paying for only couple of websites I have here.

Just my opinion :smile:

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Another option could be to integrate your Webflow form with MailChimp or completely remove the form and replace it with a Third-Party form tool :smiley:

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